Wednesday, December 8, 1999


Karen Williams

Nightshade is a delightful romantic fantasy by Karen Williams! The characters are intelligent, their dialog is witty and real with personalities that draw the reader into the story.

Set in a largely lesbian seaside community in New England, Nightshade weaves current insights on American and lesbian culture into a story about witches, fairies, eternal youth, and love.

Nightshade is about Alex who was reared by a less than compassionate aunt after an automobile accident killed both her parents. Alex grew up to be a forester and silent partner in a women's restautant and bar. However, those early traumas haunt Alex who loves women but won't allow herself to fall in love with anyone, lest she too be lost. If you've ever found yourself personifing your pet with dialog, Nightshade is worth reading for the special dog treats that allow, Boogia Wooga, the witch's Scottie to talk. The scenes had me giggling! Nightshade is the story of healing those old hurts of Alex while saving a trapped fairy and taking the risk to love. With a charming use of magic and love, Nightshade enchanted this reader.